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Stax encountered difficulty in utilizing their IT department to achieve customer-centric outcomes due to inefficient systems in place.




The client was grappling with several challenges related to crucial aspects of their business. The loss of sensitive information was severely affecting their supply chain and tarnishing their brand reputation.




Patronus Wealth is a wealth management group focused on achieving results, with established platforms in Dubai and Mauritius. It is also a subsidiary of a larger financial services group based in Singapore.




The client encountered problems with their current IT infrastructure and information security management, resulting in wasted time and resources spent on maintaining efficient and up-to-date systems.




UST Global encountered significant challenges in efficiently utilizing its IT budget, as a large portion of the budget was consumed by resolving technical issues within its IT department.




The client required a system to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and security in their large organization, which consists of numerous business units and thousands of employees. As a solution, they decided to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS).




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