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Cyber Security Assessments

Discover Your Weakness Before An Attacker Does

A vulnerability assessment involves thoroughly analyzing your current digital environment to gain detailed insights into its strengths and weaknesses. This comprehensive testing helps to identify weaknesses in your network and system architecture, as well as potential cyber threats. By utilizing the results, you can simulate cyber attacks on vulnerable areas to determine how these areas may be exploited.




‍Penetration Tests

Penetration testing helps businesses identify all of their vulnerable access points, giving them an insight into the areas that can be under threat from external and internal attacks. By simulating real-world attacks using penetration testing tools, we are able to test your systems, devices, networks and people for areas which can be exploited or attacked. Penetration testing helps your business understand its cyber environment, gives you an idea of exactly how your systems can be compromised, and equips you with the knowledge of how to detect attacks and effectively neutralize threats.

Website Security Assessment

Your business website is a crucial element of your brand strategy and requires robust security measures to safeguard all website data. Hackers can exploit various website components to access confidential information, networks, and connected devices. Conducting a website security assessment provides you with a thorough report of your current website security, enabling you to promptly take necessary measures to minimize risks to your website.




Server Security Assessment

A security assessment of your servers will identify any vulnerabilities present across all cloud platforms and servers, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of current security controls in preventing malicious attacks and data loss. This assessment will provide insight into the security measures that need to be implemented in order to mitigate potential security threats.




Social Engineering Testing

Your workforce is a valuable asset to your organization, but they can also be a significant liability when it comes to your cybersecurity strategy. Through the use of various social engineering techniques, we will evaluate any potential weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious hackers to access your information via your employees. By conducting this assessment, you will have the opportunity to enhance your current security measures and develop more effective employee training programs.




Hunt Team Assessment

A hunt team assessment is a process that utilizes both human expertise and machine intelligence to uncover potential cyber security threats targeting organizations. This assessment includes scanning the regular web, as well as the dark and deep web, which may require specialized tools and techniques for visibility. The primary objective of this assessment is to identify threats that may go unnoticed through traditional detection methods. By detecting these threats, organizations can take proactive measures to prevent cyber attacks before they occur.




Brand Abuse Monitoring

Brand abuse can take many forms, such as trademark infringement, theft of intellectual property, and corporate identity theft, and it can have a significant negative impact on both your business and reputation. When it comes to online brand abuse, it can manifest in various ways, such as brand jacking, cyber squatting, phishing, piracy, typo squatting, and SEO and marketing abuse. These activities have the potential to cause financial losses, reduced customer satisfaction, and decreased website traffic. To safeguard your business, it’s crucial to closely monitor your brand and take steps to prevent fraudulent activities.




Cyber Maturity Assessment

We can conduct a Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) to address your concerns about modern cyber security threats. Our assessment will determine your IT infrastructure’s vulnerable areas and evaluate your employees’ contributions to your cyber security. Additionally, we will assess if you meet information management regulations. Our approach combines international information security standards with best practices in cyber security and risk management to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your business’s cyber security status.




Information Security audit

An Information Security audit is intended to assess the extent of adherence to a security policy framework, which can be either internal policies or international security standards like ISO 27001. The audit aims to identify weaknesses in the current security practices and areas of strength. Upon completion of the assessment, a range of recommendations will be provided to align the business with Information Security industry best practices. The evaluation will aid in optimizing resource allocation for mitigating security risks.




Risk Assessment

In order to maintain business continuity, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of your current cyber environment. With an increasing number of potential cyber crimes, it is important for businesses to stay informed and proactive in preventing data breaches and property loss. It is imperative to assess your level of cyber risk and involve management, employees, and stakeholders in developing a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.




How Will Your Business Benefit From A Cyber security Assessment?

A thorough evaluation of your cyber security measures can provide valuable insights into the risks associated with potential cyber threats, such as information theft, leaks or damage. By identifying the areas most vulnerable to attacks, you can focus on strengthening those areas and protecting your brand from abuse. A comprehensive cyber security assessment will not only analyze your technology and networks, but also assess the role of your employees in your overall cyber security strategy. This will help you avoid common mistakes in the cyber realm, ultimately leading to better protection of your sensitive information and increased productivity for your business. By conducting a detailed cyber security analysis, you can gain a better understanding of your organization’s security posture and take proactive steps to mitigate potential threats.

What is your current cyber security score?
• How effective is your security?
• Have you been breached before?
• Are any of your assets compromised?
• Where did the cyber attack originate from and what information was affected?
• What are the security risks associated with an event such as a merger?
• What programs and procedures can you implement to prevent future attacks?




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